Spyridon: Diana Dearest, During my self-imposed isolation, I wrote a short one-act play, about 600 words. Whenever you have time, if you would kindly consider reading the play, it would be immensely appreciated. Your critique would be most valuable. In the event you agree to review it, where do I send the manuscript? Email or postal address? Thank you ever so much for your consideration! With artistic love, Spyridon
Diana: Dear Spyridon. Thanks for your message and congratulations with writing the play. You can send at: info@vishneva.ru
Yuki Mina: Hello Dear Diana, I really envy your audience in Russia to see the Context. I also want to see such a magnificient dancing by you and Aurelie Dupont. Do you have any plan to come to Japan in the near future? Always waiting for you. Sincerely, Mina
Diana: Dear Mina. Thanks for your message. I always enjoy performing in Japan. Hopefully it'll happen soon. I will let everyone know via this website
Pierre Destrempes: Dear Diana, Unfortunately you will not be onstage at The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow as ‘The Dying Swan’ November the 28th: my best wishes for a speedy recovery! Sincerely, Pierre
Diana: Unfortunately due to illness I will not be able to take part in this concert. Thanks for your wishes
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