Pierre Destrempes: Happy birthday, Diana! Pierre (from Montreal, Canada)
Diana: Thank you Pierre
Andy Detk: Dear Diana, I don't know much about ballet but I really want to know about a ballet students' life. What did you study at the academy except ballet? Are those knowledge enough to prepare for life, in case the student fails to graduate?
Diana: Hi Andy. At the academy we study all other disciplines, just like in normal school. Whether is enough or not it's really up to the student and how he/she adapt and use this knowledge
Alexia: Dearest Diana, When I missed your La Bayadere performance on June 10 I was devastated, but I really hope and I know we will have a chance to meet each other again soon. When I see you perform even through a computer screen I admire you so much and I really feel a connection to you. You are my number one inspiration and you inspire me to continue dancing. I sent a letter to your St Petersburg address and I really hope you can read it and answer. It would be my biggest honor. I think you are the most divine dancer of all time; you are so beautiful and artistic and you also are so kind and find time to answer your fans' comments. I am sure we will meet soon ❤️❤️❤️ You are my absolute inspiration and I truly love and admire you. Alexia
Diana: Thanks Alexia. I haven't got your letter yet and I'm hoping it didn't get lost
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