Ceren : Hi Diana, i am 19 and live in Turkey. I want to ask if i can start ballet? I am a certificated Pilates instructor and i did boxing, zumba etc. I am -according to my trainers- exceptionally flexible even though i do not have a training background. When i was a child i did not do any sports etc What do you think? Ofc i am not planning to become a prima ballerina but i just adore ballet and want to be successful!
Diana: Of course you can. You can always take ballet, at any stage. From time to time I go to STEPS on Broadway (NYC) to take morning ballet class and practice with people all kind of ages. It's pretty unique )
Alexandra: Dear Diana, you are the best dancer I have ever seen! I have a private question! Would it be possible, that I can write you an Email?
Diana: Sure. I'm reachable at info@vishneva.ru
YUKIYO: Dear Diana, Those phots of your site are very beautiful,can i possible to get photos n this your site ? Are you plan come to japan this year for Ballet festival?
Diana: Hello. Yes, I'll be in Tokyo for the World Ballet Festival
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