Sandra Zaninovich: Dear Diana, I have asked you questions on here before, but now I just want to say a big THANK YOU to you for taking the time to speak directly with your fans on here. There are not many superstars who do that (if any), and it is tremendously appreciated! I drop in from time to time just to see what questions people are asking, and your generosity strikes me every time. Not only do you give us all of yourself on stage, you continue with the giving on here as well. I know I speak for everyone on here when I say, thank you from the top, sides, AND bottom of my heart!
Diana: Thank you Sandra. I think it's very important to hear questions, comments so my plan is to continue conversation with my fans
Duy: Dear Diana, I love all your work, and I wonder if you have any plan when you retire from stage? An artistic director of Bolshoi, Mariinsky? A teacher of a ballet academy? Or an ballet festival/program organiser?
Diana: When time is right I'll tell about my plans. But I can say that I'm not thinking about retirement from dance
Meng Pan: Dear Diana, you are my favorite ballet dancer! I am a chinese girl. I saw you in TV and VCR. I hope that one day you will come China and I could see you in theatre. 希望你永远健康美丽!!幸福常伴!!
Diana: See you soon in China, I hope...
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