Shelley Wood: Dear Diana, We are fulfilling a dream and will visit St Petersburg in May 2017. We have tickets for Midsummer Night's Dream on 7 May and also for Carmen Suite and Marguerite and Armand for 12 May. We are hoping that we will see you dance - is it possible you will perform in any of these ballets? Your beautiful Juliet brings us to tears!
Diana: Hi Shelley. I haven't decided about these dates yet. Check back on this page and you'll know more about my schedule. Glad to hear you will visit St.Petersburg
KristĂ­nka: Hello Diana can i ask you if you ever teach in some dance studio?
Diana: Hello. I'm not teaching yet
Alexia: Dearest Diana, I just read on your Playbill that you will be performing "Swan" in the Bolshoi Theatre on the 28th of November. Will you be performing the whole ballet of Swan Lake or just a fragment? I would love to see you dance Swan Lake! All my love, Alexia
Diana: Hi Alexia. It will be "Dying Swan" by Mikhail Fokin
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