Pierre Destrempes: Dear Diana, Some words about the ‘World Ballet Day 2016’: October the 4th, last Tuesday, live from Moscow, online, I saw Makhar Vaziev (the new ‘ballet director' at the Bolshoi Theatre, a former ‘director’ (1995-2008) at the Mariinsky Theatre) coaching: from my point of view, his humiliating attitude is certainly not the best way to help ballerinas and dancers to perform at their highest level. Pierre
Diana: Pierre, you have all the rights to express your own opinion. Mr. Vaziev, I assume, has same rights coach the way he feel comfortable. It's not for me to judge his style of teaching
Emily Joshi-Powell: Dear Diana, I just read that you are retiring from ABT, it makes me so sad to think I won't be able to see you dance anymore. Are you staying with the Mariinsky? Will I be able to come to St. Petersburg to see you dance? All the best and thank you for every performance.
Diana: Hi Emily. I'm not thinking about retirement at all and will continue my career at the Mariinsky so you welcome to come to beautiful St.Petersburg. I've done a lot with ABT so it's time for the next chapter
Zhiping Zhang: Dearest Diana, I am a huge fan of you, Mariinsky and Vaganova Academy. I am soooooo excited to hear that you will perform R&J with Mariinsky next month in Shanghai. I have waited this day three years long! Together with Ulanova, you are my favourite Juliet forever! I have watched your 2013 R&J many, many times, your performance is absoltely, brethtakingly moving! It is such great honor to watch your live performance in China. I cannot wait to watch your R&J, and meet you before or after the performance. Please remember my name, I am Zhiping, many thanks!
Diana: Hello hello dear Zhiping. Thanks for such exciting letter ) Let's make sure we meet after performance. See you soon
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