elizabeta: hi Diana i just want to ask you if you think that its relly important that dancer has great feet and perfect legs? i am your big fan and I think that your dancing its inredible :)
Diana: It is indeed important but not critical at all. Too many examples where dancers with not "from the books" proportions became true artists
Pierre Destrempes: Dear Diana, Leonid Yakobson (Леонид Вениаминович Якобсон) passed away October the 17th 1975, 40 years ago (today); Maya Plisetskaya, your friend (now in a better world), wrote in her autobiography (1994) that Leonid Yakobson (1904-1975), a great Russian choreographer, has been poor, in dire straits, all his life long; and Maya wrote that, among choreographers living in ‘her time’ (contemporary), Leonid Yakobson is the one she has danced the most choreographies and the longer (time, in her life). Diana, have you talked about Leonid Yakobson and about his choreographies with Maya…? Warmly, Pierre
Diana: I consider Leonid Yakobson as one of the greatest choreographers ever born to Russia. He deserve way better recognition
Эрнест: Уважаемая Диана! За Ваш ответ от 14 октября безумно я Вам благодарен дважды: во-первых, Вы—прекраснее других! А, во-вторых, на пенсии, однажды Вы скажете загадочно: «Сам псих!»... Ваш тонкий юмор—для меня в окошке свет! Диана! Верно ли я понял Ваш ответ?
Diana: Нет, так я не скажу. Нет ни причины, ни повода. Храни вас бог и ваше вдохновение.
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