Pierre Destrempes: Dear Diana, November the 7th, at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theatre, you will dance the title role, Tatiana Larina, in John Neumeier's 'Tatiana', after 'Eugene Onegin' by Alexander Pushkin; this ballet will premiere (have its first performance ever on stage) November the 7th: am I right? I wish you the best performances in Moscow! Warmly, Pierre PS: hopefully, a DVD ('Tatiana') will be released some day...!
Diana: Thanks Pierre. 'Tatiana' received world premiere in Hamburg last summer.
Thomas Muldoon: Do you read the Bible? What do you think of Jesus Christ? (I think it's great that the Soviet Union ended. Now Russia has a chance not only to rediscover its Christian heritage, but for the people to find Jesus as their personal Savior too.)
Diana: I think it's very personal question
Maria: Dear Diana, i admire deeply your work and for me you are one of the greatest dancers. I, myself, have no difficulty in flexibility or turns, but my weakness are the jumps. I would like to ask you how can I improve?
Diana: It's not easy to give improvement advise without knowing you personally. There are basic exercises, which helps to improve jumps. Try pay more attention to these and seek proper advise from your teachers
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