Martin Wiggs.: Saw you as Cinderella on Friday evening. Perfect and beautiful. Thank you.
Diana: Thank you
Nansy: Dear Diana, Thank you for answering my question, it brought me great joy when I saw your response. Of course you had performed in Athens before, but at the time I was in Italy and didn't get the chance to see you. Unfortunately I had to perform with my ballet school at the time and had school as well so, no luck. But if you ever come to Athens again, please do feel free to notify me. I'm hoping to maybe come to Russia to see you perform. I do have another question crossing my mind but I feel it might also sound like rather a stupid question: Do you dance with Bolshoi, Marinskii or both? Sounds silly, but I really don't know. Another question or perhaps curiosity of mine is just what was the hardest year you faced while you were in the Vaganova Academy? I know it is a very strict academy and every year is full of challeges, but isn't there any year when everything gets harder then usual? Once again, thank you for spending a little time on reading my questions and answering them oh so kindly. Wish you the best 'till the end! Yours most sincerelly, Nansy
Diana: Hello again. I'm principal dancer of both Mariinsky and American Ballet Theatre. In Bolshoi I'm a guest principal. Regarding your other question - every year at Vaganova Academy was challenging. It was the matter of the preparation in meeting these challenges
T.S.: Dear Diana, I was thrilled at the prospect of seeing you as Juliet at the ROH on 28/7. Saw you several times in NYC and in S. Pete, but never there and in that role. Unfortunately, I was unable to fly to London that day, because of an accident in which I broke my foot... I was so sad.... Will you be Juliet again somewhere in the near future? Thanks very much - especially for the beauty and emotions you continue to give to us all.
Diana: I hope you'll get well soon. Check back my schedule. At the moment I don't have plans performing R&J but things may change
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