Angelina: Dear Ms.Vishneva I admire you so much of what a amazing and talented ballerina you are I hope to become like you one day. I was wondering how you became with the ABT theater if your still in the marinsky ?
Diana: I've been collaborating with ABT for more than 10 years. It's possible to be principal in 2 theatres
Sharon: Dear Diana, I'm going to see you dance in MET on 5/26 and 6/8. I was also in MET last year to see you in La Bayadère. You are my inspiration. My question is: if by any chance I can meet you after the show? To get your autograph or pictures. Thanks.
Diana: Hi Sharon. You can meet me at the stage door after performance.
Cerine Khoo: Dear Diana, I have came across your Facebook page and it shows that your Biography is already on sale in Moscow bookstores. But I'm not from Russia and is there any other way to purchase your biography. Thank you so much.=)
Diana: Hello Cerine. It's not really biography, more like a story in almost 300 photos. We trying hard to make book available overseas
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