Jan: Dear Diana, You are the most talented ballerina I have ever came across. You are the only ballerina I have seen that makes a ballet really amusing and I was wondering if I could become a ballerina as well if I don't have the right body. But still you are a ballerina who gives a smile on everyone's face!
Diana: Thanks Jan. If you take ballet - you have all the rights to say that you a dancer no matter what type of body you have
carlos sierens: Dear Diana , congratulations for "1O years anniversary at American Ballet "you really deserve this!My hope is that you could come to perform in Flanders Belgium one day in the future ! Is this possible ?. Do you have plans for Paris Opera Garnier in this year 2O15 . Love Carlos .
Diana: Thank you Carlos. So far no plans to perform in Paris but, if you wish, you can come to London in April and see my latest program 'On the Edge'
gary: First, I saw Cinderella in NYC. You're dancing just takes me away. Thanks!!! What, in your opinion, is the most important thing, besides the music, for a dancer to be thinking about? Core? Grace? Potato chips? Reverence, Gary
Diana: Everything is important. I can skip potato chips though )
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