Emma: Hi Diana, my name is Emma and I'm a dance student living in Hawaii. Thank you for being such an inspiring person/dancer. Also, how do you prepare/ get into character for a role?
Diana: Hi Emma. Nice to hear someone from Hawaii. I've been there last year ) To answer your question, that's what teachers help dancers to learn, get ready for the role. Or course everyone has they own little secrets. But there's no general rule how to get into the role, it all depends
William Jefferson: Hi Diana, the FIFA World Cup is coming to Russia in 2018. Are you a football fan?
Diana: Not really
Alejandra: Hi diana my name is Alejandra I live in Mexico, i would love to see you dance, please tell the company the idea of coming here. Sorry if i made any grammar mistake, english isn't my native language
Diana: Hi. I don't plan to come to Mexico soon. Perhaps some days in the future
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