Mari: Dear Ms. Vishneva, I'm a big fan of you. I cannot forget your performance of "La Dame aux Camelia" in Tokyo. This weekend, we had Maestro Massimiliano Greco (accompanist) from Monte-Carlo Ballet, for a non-professional ballet class, where I practice, in Tokyo. Maybe, you've already met him? His piano really touched me and gave me power, so I'm just imagining, how beautiful the collaboration with Ms. Vishneva and the maestro will be... just imagining... This you tube performance of him is amazing: He's very friendly and we've got connected by FB. Nonetheless, I'd definitely need to go see your performance again, in the near future. Sincerely, Mari
Diana: Thanks for your message. Of course I know Mr. Greco, we've meet in Monte-Carlo when I was working there with Jean-Christoph Maillot
A.C.: Flew 4 hours just to see you as Juliet this Monday at the ROH ... and you were Juliet. Only we Oriental people (who kill and die for love) can fully appreciate your performance, rather transfiguration. Thank you !
Diana: Thanks for coming to see me dance. I think anyone could find certain moments to appreciate
Andrew: Dear Diana, I was utterly entranced by your exquisite performance as Juliet on Monday (28 July in London) and moved to tears at times. Thank you so much! My question is how do you physically and mentally wind down after such a performance? Are you able to relax awhile for a day or two or is it back to exercises and rehearsals straightaway? Sincerely, Andrew
Diana: Thank you for your message. Most of the time I take at least one day off and I think is very important for any dancer. Last year at the Mariinsky I had to dance 3 R&J on the row because of the filming - the result you will see when DVD become available on September 15th. It was really difficult and it took much time to recover
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