Alexia: Dearest Diana, you are the most amazing ballerina of all time. I do ballet and I am thinking of pursuing it professionally and you are really my true idol. You are so beautiful, graceful, you work so hard and you are so skilled. I am coming to the Mariinsky to see you dance La Bayadere on June 10 and I might be able to meet you. Please expect me. I can't wait to see my idol perform. I love you!
Diana: See you in few days Alexia
Cassidy : Hi Diana :) I am going to compete in YAGP this year, and your coppelia variation at Prix de Lasaunne is my inspiration!! Your tutu is so beautiful <3 May I ask what tips you could give me for the Italian fouettes?
Diana: It's difficult to give right advise online when it comes to ballet technic. Just follow your teacher suggestions and be strong and confident. Wishing you all the best
litsa: dear diana,you are the most amazing ballet dancer.i admire you because you worked so hard in your life and you managed to be the best dancer in the world.i really hope that you visit us in greece for a peformance .
Diana: thank you. love Greece ) always want to return
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